Hupu News on October 12 The 2020 Chinese Football Association Women's Football Super League ended on November 11 after 50 days of competition. Wuhan Chedujiang University defeated Jiangsu Suning 4-0 to win the cup. The coaching staff of the women’s national team paid close attention to this year’s Women’s Super League. Coach Jia Xiuquan accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters after the game. He talked about his views on the characteristics of this year’s Women’s Super League, the performance of national players, and the arrangements for the Olympic qualifiers playoffs. .

10月12日的虎报新闻经过50天的比赛,2020年中国足球协会女子足球超级联赛于11月11日结束。武汉理工大学以4比0击败江苏苏宁赢得杯赛。女子国家队的教练组密切关注了今年的女子超级联赛。赛后,贾秀全教练接受了新华社记者的独家专访。他谈到了自己对今年女子超级联赛的特点,国家选手的表现以及奥运会预选赛季后赛的安排的看法。 。

This year's Women's Super League is held under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and safety has become the primary concern of the competition. The 50-day closure of the Kunming Haigeng Sports Training Base will test players, coaches, referees, football associations, and bases. "It's not easy for everyone. It is very good to be able to make the game like this." Jia Xiuquan praised.

今年的女子超级联赛是在流行病防控正常化的背景下举行的,安全已成为比赛的主要关注点。昆明海庚运动训练基地关闭了50天,将对运动员,教练,裁判员,足协和基地进行测试。 “这对每个人来说都不容易。能够像这样制作游戏非常好。”贾秀全称赞。

Jia Xiuquan's evaluation of the overall impression of the women's Super League two-stage event is "happiness, worry, and gain".


He believes that "strong dialogue" can best reflect the true level of players. Only when there is pressure can there be motivation, and only when there is motivation can there be potential. "There were a lot of wonderful goals in this league. Many long shots and corner kicks scored directly. This also shows that our women's football has made progress in set kicks. Everyone has improved shooting desire and targeted training."

他认为,“强有力的对话”可以最好地反映球员的真实水平。只有有压力才有动力yaboAPP亚博,只有有动力才有潜力。 “这个联盟有很多精彩的进球。许多远射和角球直接得分。这也表明我们的女子足球在定点踢球方面取得了进步。每个人的投篮欲望和针对性训练都得到了改善。”

Many foreign players have emerged in the Women’s Super League this year. Whether it is a forward or a defender, they can arrange goals, such as Banda of the Shanghai team, Temva of the Wuhan team, Tabitha of the Jiangsu team, Sori and Rafi of the Changchun team. Er, have a place in the scorer list. Jia Xiuquan said frankly that foreign aid is like a "double-edged sword". On the one hand, it can improve the viewing of the league, improve the level of the team, and drive the progress of Chinese players; on the other hand, their stable performance and the ability to dominate the game have formed our players. challenge.


"The key is that we have to learn from foreign aid." Jia Xiuquan said that there is a gap between Chinese players and foreign aid. Foreign players have outstanding personal abilities. A forward can disrupt our entire defense line. If Chinese players are willing, they can learn from foreign players the rationality of handling the ball and the grasp of opportunities.


Jia Xiuquan said that during the league, the Chinese women's football coaching staff always held a "sponge" mentality, watching the game, watching training, watching key players, and constantly observing, learning, and thinking. "For the key games of the game, the coaching staff will go to the venue one hour in advance. Even if we watch the team's preparation activities, we will have something to gain. After the game, we will study the rationality of the team's tactics. This is also a study. It can be said that the league is right. The progress of the Chinese women's football team, including preparations for the play-offs (the Olympic qualifiers) has been very helpful."

贾秀全说,在联赛期间,中国女足教练组始终抱着“海绵”的心态,看比赛,看训练,看关键球员,并不断地观察,学习和思考。 “对于比赛的关键游戏,教练组将提前一个小时到达场地。即使我们观看团队的备战活动,我们也会有所收获。赛后,我们将研究团队的合理性。战术。这也是一项研究。可以说联盟是对的。中国女足的进步,包括对季后赛(奥运会预选赛)的准备,都非常有帮助。”

"With their (national team members) in their current state, it is still difficult to complete the tasks of the international competition." Jia Xiuquan confessed his concerns about the state of the national team disciples.


"In the league, I have seen everyone's efforts. I hope they can use the league to accumulate more experience in actual battles. But when the league is over, the focus will return to the national team." Jia Xiuquan said that the international team will play in the league and consider More is to win glory for the club, but in the national team, it is another requirement. Their personal abilities, positional skills, training intensity, technical and tactical status, and cooperation with teammates all need to be improved.


When it comes to forwards, Jia Xiuquan has worries. "In the league, foreign aid is definitely an impact on our forwards. Our forwards have changed to play central defenders, but if they are in the top arena, they cannot be as comfortable as a full-time central defender."

说到前锋,贾秀全很担心。 “在联盟中,外援肯定会对我们的前锋产生影响。我们的前锋已经更改为扮演中后卫的角色,但是如果他们处于顶级赛场,他们将不会像专职中后卫那样自在。”

Jia Xiuquan emphasized that every special position is irreplaceable. "If a strong team beats a weak team, it's okay to change the player's position. But when a strong team confronts a strong team, things will happen at a critical time. Why does sports rely on tens of thousands of times to practice, practice special events, and practice cooperation? "

贾秀全强调,每个特殊职位都是不可替代的。 “如果强队击败弱队,可以改变球员的位置。但是,当强队面对强队时,事情就会在关键时刻发生。为什么体育要依靠成千上万次练习,练习特别活动,并进行合作?”

Jia Xiuquan said that he is trying to put the players in the right position. "Football must be a team sport and a contest of collective wisdom." He believes that there is no contradiction between the team and the stars. There are outstanding players in the team, which will only make the team stronger and greater; and the stars are in the great team. In, more able to play oneself.

贾秀全说,他正在努力使球员们处于正确的位置。 “足球一定是一项团队运动,也是一场集体智慧的竞赛。”他认为,球队与明星之间没有矛盾。团队中有优秀的球员,这只会使团队变得越来越强大。和明星在伟大的团队。在,更能够发挥自己。

The performance of the national team rookies in the league has also attracted Jia Xiuquan's attention. For example, Zhai Qingwei of the Jiangsu team has gradually become a "guard with a knife", and Chen Qiaozhu's performance is also remarkable. "They are at the best age, 24 years old and 21 years old. They have all experienced the league and the national team, but they still have to bear the responsibility."

国家队新秀在联盟中的表现也引起了贾秀全的注意。例如,江苏队的翟庆伟已经逐渐成为“持刀守卫”,而陈巧竹的表现也很出色。 “他们已经达到了最佳年龄,分别是24岁和21岁。他们都曾经历过联赛和国家队,但是他们仍然必须承担责任。”

Jia Xiuquan said that he has a new national team roster in his heart, and there will be fresh blood entering. "We will use the lineup against Australia as our team, remove some shortcomings, and do not rule out the recall of some old players."

贾秀全说,他内心有一个新的国家队名册,会有新鲜血液进入。 “我们将以对阵澳大利亚的阵容作为我们的球队,消除一些缺点,并且不排除召回一些老球员。”

Jia Xiuquan said that the coaching staff always chooses and employs people based on fairness. "Veteran players who are in good condition have a desire to play and want to play for the national team. The door of the national team is open to them. Players of 95, 96, and 97 (age group) have the same chance.

贾秀全说,教练组始终以公平为基础选人用人。 “状态良好的老球员渴望为国家队效力,并希望为国家队效力。国家队的大门向他们敞开。95岁,96岁和97岁(年龄段)的球员yaboAPP亚博有相同的机会。

Regarding the next training and warm-up match arrangement, Jia Xiuquan said that first, the players will have a self-adjustment period after the end of the league. After that, the Chinese Women's Football Team will conduct three training sessions to prepare for the Olympic preliminaries against South Korea.


"The first phase will convene 27 and 28 players for training, mainly for physical recovery, in Xianghe. The second phase, more than a month of technical and tactical training. In the third phase, we will enter the home game against South Korea."

“第一阶段将在yaboAPP亚博香河召集27名和28名球员进行训练,主要是身体康复训练。第二阶段将进行一个多月的技术和战术训练。第三阶段,我们将进入对阵韩国的主场比赛。 ”

For the selection of opponents in the warm-up match, Jia Xiuquan prepared two plans. The first option is to contact foreign teams to play games. The North Korean women's football team is currently being played, but under the epidemic situation, it may not be possible. The second option is to compete with men's football players aged 16 and 17. "The 16 or 17-year-old male players are developing rapidly. They are not only fast, but also have strong impact. We play with them and we will deliberately simulate home and away games. This is a great exercise for female football players.

为了在热身赛中选择对手,贾秀全准备了两个计划。第一种选择是联系外国球队进行比赛。朝鲜女子足球队目前正在比赛中,但在这种流行情况下,这可能是不可能的。第二种选择是与16和17岁的男足球运动员竞争。“ 16或17岁的男足球运动员发展迅速。他们不仅发展迅速,而且影响力很大。我们与他们一起比赛,我们将刻意模拟主场比赛和客场比赛,这对女足球运动员来说是一个很好的练习。

Regarding how to simulate an away game, Jia Xiuquan said that he will focus on referee enforcement, not only requiring strict judgments, but also resolutely blowing out ambiguous balls. "A penalty may affect performance, and psychological changes may lead to technical out-of-shape. There will be various unfavorable factors in an away game. All emergencies exist. We must take precautions. If the external environment changes again, I will not change. It must work."

关于如何模拟客场比赛,贾秀全表示,他将专注于裁判的执法,不仅需要严格的判断,而且还要坚决淘汰模棱两可的球。 “罚款可能会影响表现,心理改变可能会导致技术失常。客场比赛中会有各种不利因素。所有紧急情况都存在。我们必须采取预防措施。如果外部环境再次发生变化,我不会变化。它必须起作用。”

Regarding the psychological construction of the players, Lao Jia said that the next step will be to ask psychological teachers and international referees for guidance, so that the players will be prepared in advance. "Only by doing the finest work can we defeat South Korea and get tickets for the Olympic Games. We are confident."

关于运动员的心理建设,老贾说,下一步将是请心理老师和国际裁判员指导,以便运动员提前做好准备。 “只有做好最好的工作,我们才能击败韩国并获得奥运会门票。我们充满信心。”