yabo亚博_青岛黄海开启首训教练组有新要求 高翔:不惧怕任何球队

On the afternoon of October 14th, Beijing time, on the day of entering the Dalian Division, Qingdao Huanghai opened his first training session for the second stage of the Chinese Super League.


This training class was organized by Qingdao Huanghai. The whole team officially started training after the head coach Wu Jingui finished his speech in the middle circle. In fact, after the end of the first stage, Qingdao Huanghai did not enjoy the vacation too much. The team regrouped on October 3 and invested in the intense preparations for the second stage.


Speaking of the team’s preparations, Qingdao Huanghai player Gao Xiang said: “After the first stage, we went back and rested for a few days. We had a short rest just to prepare for the second stage. During the period, everyone did not say that there was a lot of physical fatigue and physical and mental fatigue. Very relaxed, everyone is actively preparing and training, also in order to complete our goal as soon as possible in the second stage."


Before the third transfer window of the Chinese Super League was closed, Qingdao Huanghai withdrew Cleo's registration and terminated the contract with him, re-reporting the new foreign aid Radonic.


In the final round of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Radonic also came off the bench to usher in his debut in the Super League. After half a month of training and life, Radonic has also become more integrated with the team.


In today's training session, the coaching staff also put forward new requirements, specifically emphasizing the response of the players on the court in order to strengthen the tacit cooperation between domestic and foreign players.


After coming to Dalian, there is not much time left for Qingdao Huanghai to adapt. Gao Xiang also feels about the new competition area environment: "Dalian and Qingdao are both seaside cities. We don’t have any discomforts here. The food is very good. Good, the accommodation is also very good."


The second-stage relegation competition of the Chinese Super League will be held in Dalian on the 16th of this month. On October 19th, Qingdao Huanghai will compete with Guangzhou R&F to start the second-stage relegation battle.

中国超级联赛第二阶段降级比赛将于本月16日在大连举行。 10月19日,青岛黄海将与广州富力竞争,展开第二阶段的保级战役。

Speaking of the next game, Gao Xiang said: "Although we are a rookie and R&F is a veteran team, we will not be afraid of any team. We will follow the requirements of the coaching staff and then implement it seriously."


PP体育记者郭欢 大连报道

PP体育记者郭欢 大连报道

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