When will this year's Super League start? This is still an unknown number. Judging from the current situation, the league will have to wait until the second half of the year at the earliest. Even if the schedule is compressed, it is inevitable to hit the end of the year. In the 2001 season A League 19 years ago, Chinese football also experienced a schedule delay. The league that year finally ended in mid-December. That year, it was not only a fond memory of Chinese football reaching its peak, but also a feather in the later football.


Since it regrettably failed to hit the World Cup in 1997, Chinese football has always taken the qualification for the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan as its first goal.


After the end of the A League in 2000, the Chinese Football Association and the national team coaching staff have been trying to find a way to make way for the World Cup preliminaries. At that time, the League A was very prosperous. Dalian Shide, Shanghai Shenhua, Sichuan Quanxing and other teams were very popular and the football market was booming. The Football Association also wanted to take this opportunity to reform the league, continue to expand its influence, and move towards a more professional path.


But when it came to reality, different opinions generated fierce controversy. Some people think that A A should not be paused for too long, as long as sufficient time is allowed in the top ten matches, otherwise the league is likely to be delayed. By the end of next year. There are also some people who believe that hitting the World Cup is the biggest goal of Chinese football this year, and the league has to give way.

但是当涉yaboAPP亚博及到现实时,不同的意见引起了激烈的争论。有人认为,只要在前十名比赛中有足够的时间,就不应将A A暂停时间太长,否则联赛很可能会延迟。到明年年底。也有人认为,打入世界杯是今年中国足球的最大目标,而联赛必须让位。

On December 13, 2000, after repeated discussions, the changes to the league’s promotion and relegation policy were first announced. At the National Football League’s system adjustment joint meeting, the Chinese Football Association announced to 26 clubs A and B that the 2001 league would only be promoted but not lowered. And other major adjustment measures. At the meeting, the Chinese Football Association also issued the plans for the next three years to the club, including plans to set up the Super, A, and B leagues in 2003.


The relevant person of the Chinese Football Association once said: The purpose of this is to give the clubs time to strengthen the infrastructure, and at the same time to make way for the national team to hit the World Cup in 2001. In the 7-year professional league, the clubs have been tightly focused on their results, but they have not had time to take care of various basic tasks such as facilities and reserve echelon construction. The Football Association hopes to accumulate stamina for the long-term development of the professionalization of Chinese football through the adjustment of the competition system, and does not hesitate to suspend the relegation and lose part of the audience and sponsors as the price.


A month later, the 2001 National Football League A and League B matchups were determined by drawing lots at the Shenzhen Guest Hotel. The League A and League B will start on March 11 and March 24, and end on November 25 and October 6, respectively.


On March 11, the League A kicked off as scheduled. Shao Jiayi, Sun Jihai, Qu Shengqing and Zhao Junzhe scored goals in the first round of the league. The Football Association smiled and Milu smiled. In everyone's mind, Chinese football is welcoming a bright future.


According to the schedule, after A A’s 6 rounds of matches, the first stage ended on April 8. Facing the first opponent, the Maldives, the Chinese team also set aside half a month to prepare for the match. However, in the first match, The 10-1 score still made Mi Jiajun questioned. Indeed, for a team that is aspiring to the World Cup finals, it is quite shameful to lose a ball on the team of the fish belly, and the only 1-0 win away in the away game makes everyone face huge pressure.


In May 2001, the Chinese Football Association held a work meeting to summarize the first stage of the league. Yang Yimin, then director of the league department, made it clear: "After the AFC draws the top ten in June, the league will be adjusted according to the top ten schedule. The arrangement.” So when Zhang Jilong's "hand of the gods" won the wonderful and good sign, there is no suspense that the league will make way for the national football to hit the World Cup. The Chinese Football Association once again changed the league schedule, which was originally scheduled to end on November 25. The league was postponed to end in mid-December.


Such operations are still popular in Chinese football today. When European and American teams, and even Japan and South Korea and other neighbors, only need to enter the preparation period one week before the international match day, Chinese football enters the training period early, even more and more professionals believe that long-term training and disrupting the league rhythm is a violation The law of modern football, Chinese football is still happy with it.


On October 7, 2001, Chinese football ushered in a historic moment. At the Wulihe Stadium in Shenyang, Yu Genwei's score allowed the Chinese team to beat Oman 1-0. Yan Shiduo, the head of the Football Association at the time, shouted "China Since then, the men's football has stood up. "We have qualified." The five characters are still memories that Chinese fans talk about.


However, such excitement did not last long. After the end of the top ten matches, the restart of the league encountered a lot of embarrassment. The first big trouble was the weather.


Among the 14 A-A teams, Liaoning Fushun and Shenyang Jinde, which are located at the highest latitude, are the teams most affected by the cold weather. Among them, Shenyang Jinde did not worry about relegation because of his poor record, and he had already acted like a bad show. Taking into account that Shenyang in December is already around minus 10 degrees, they applied to the Chinese Football Association to abandon the last two home games, and the games against Chongqing Lifan on December 2 and Yunnan Hongta on December 9 will all be played away. The attendance rate of Liaozu who stayed at Leifeng Stadium in Fushun was not ideal in the later stage. In a game at the end of November, only more than 2,000 people came to the scene to cheer for Liao Xiaohu.


In addition to the weather, the biggest highlight of the final stage of the league-the championship also lost suspense early. Before the league on October 25, Dalian Shide achieved 13 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. After that, they defeated Shenzu, Guoan and Shenhua successively. Although they did not win the championship early, the actual lead is already very large, even in the end. Only scored 3 points in 5 rounds, still leading Shenhua with 53 points to win the championship by 5 points.

除了天气之外,联赛最后阶段的最大亮点-冠军赛也早早失去了悬念。在联赛10月25日之前,大连实德队取得13胜1平2负的成绩。此后,他们先后击败了神族,国安和神华。尽管他们没有尽早获得冠军,但即使到最后,实际的领先优势也已经很大。 5回合仅拿下3分,仍然以53分领先申花,以5分夺冠。

With his outstanding performance in the league and the national team, the 24-year-old Li Tie won the most scoring "Chinese Footballer" award. Holding flowers and a trophy in his hand, he remembered being chanted by the audience in Golden State four years ago. Li Tie's experience, secretly swore.


That was the best era of Chinese football, but it was only the beginning of the worst era of Chinese football. The long 2001 season not only consumed the enthusiasm of the fans, but also consumed the last glory of Chinese football. Achievement football and bureaucratic football flooded the entire circle. A "B five rats" incident opened up Chinese football fake gambling. prelude.

那是中国足球最好的时代,但这仅仅是中国足球最坏时代的开始。 2001年漫长的赛季不仅消耗了球迷的热情,也消耗了中国足球的最后荣耀。成就足球和官僚足球席卷了整个圈子。一场“乙五鼠”事件开辟了中国足球假赌博的道路。序幕。

The 42-year-old Li Tie once again put on the national team training uniform and changed his status from player to head coach. When he thinks of the 2001 story, what will he think of? When we talk about 2001, what are we talking about again?